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KEYNOTE: The Adventures of Slate: 20 years an Online Magazine

As the world’s first mass popularity online magazine Slate celebrates its 20th anniversary, president Keith Hernandez travels from New York to share with the Publish audience the story of the brand; his insights into the rise of off-platform distribution; his advice on how mid-size publishers need to make a choice on which networks they publish; and how Slate’s big bet on podcasting is panning out.


Future Gazing: Trends Publishers Need to Get to Grips With

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and walled gardens, – what opportunities and challenges do these trends pose for a publishing company’s revenue streams?

Back in Print – Reasons to be Optimistic

Where does print sit in the consumer purchase cycle? Mahlab Media will examine where digital and print sit in the purchase cycle, examining where print is potentially adding more value to customer engagement and why some brands are turning away from digital spend.




Traffic Strategies: How to Deal with the Walled Gardens

Social platforms have become tired of being the ‘middlemen’ when it comes to directing traffic to publisher’s content and as a result have built their walled gardens, such as Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News, in an effort to keep audiences within their own territory.

In this session, Publish sponsor Taboola will present on how content discovery, including personalisation and native advertising, can help publishers deal with this.

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Insight Strategies: How News Corp Drives Revenue and Engagement Using Intelligent Audience Profiling

With the digital media landscape becoming increasingly competitive, digital publishers face ever increasing challenges. The winning players will provide media buyers easy access to valuable and scaleable audiences with proven effectiveness against campaign goals.

This session, sponsored by Pureprofile, uncovers technology that helps publishers compete using intelligent audience profiling and rich campaign insights. We will present a detailed case study showing how News Corp applied this technology for Toyota to dramatically improve targeting and shift measurement from CTR based metrics to impact on brand awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.

This presentation will also provide a glimpse into News Corp’s vision for the future of digital publishing, and how this will benefit publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

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Email Strategies: How Publishers can get more from Email

Any publisher can boost traffic and reach wider audiences by focusing on their email strategy.

In this session presented by Publish sponsor Adestra, hear about achievable goals and strategies to develop your email lists, drive newsletter sign ups, and improve open and clickthrough rates.

In this session, New York-based Adestra president Matt McGowan, a former head of strategy at Google, will share insights into Adestra’s research into 1,200 Australian consumers and their attitudes and uses of digital content, devices and media.

What devices are consumers consuming content and when?  Why do they opt into email, SMS or follow a publication on social media?

The research will change the way you think about publishing content, and your readers’ behaviour.

·        Learn what to send to readers that will resonate with the messaging that matches behaviour

·        Explore the new segmentation models that can be created from this data

·        Learn what teens and millennials prefer in communication from publishers (it’s not what you think)

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Sales Strategies: Getting Your Masthead in Front of Busy Media Agencies

What makes a masthead desirable in the eyes of the media agencies? Hear from some of Australia’s top media buyers and strategists on what you need to do to make make your masthead of greater interest to those holding the purse strings.

Subscription Strategies: Persuading Audiences to Pay for Content

How can you convince your audience to open their wallets and part with their precious credit card details? Particularly in a world where readers have been conditioned to expect content for free.

Hear from experts on what you can do to improve your subscription marketing efforts in both print and digital.

And learn about the latest alternative means of funding your content, including the soon-to-be-launched Press Patron platform, currently being rolled out with the support of a Walkley Innovation Grant.




KEYNOTE: The Australian: A Re-Balancing Act

Hear from the CEO of News Corp’s national broadsheet The Australian on how it’s dealing with the shift to digital, its financial performance post the GFC and how it is convincing customers to subscribe.


Podcasting Strategies: Why Publishers Are Obsessed With Audio

Podcasts are the latest trend to hit publishers – but how can it help a masthead make money?

Event Strategies: How to Create an Event Division

With publishers scrambling for revenue as circulation and advertising revenue declines, hear from publishers on how they’ve successfully created an in-house event team.




Native Strategies: Lessons From The Front Line

Native advertising is of growing importance to publishers as more advertisers migrate to the format and banner ad revenues decline. But how do you set up a team, do it well and expand native off the page and into video? Junkee Media has been a pioneer and award winner in native advertising in Australia and it now accounts for over half of their media revenue. Hear Junkee explain how it has built and grown its native division, what they learned along the way and where it’s all going next.

Culture Change Strategies: How Print Culture can Change into a Digital Culture

With most traditional print publishers making the transition to print, how can an organisation transform its skills and culture from print to digital? Hear from publishers on how they have successfully transformed their company’s skills and culture to become digital first and then grow.



Innovation Strategies: High Impact Print Campaigns

High impact print executions can generate cut through for advertisers that is achievable in no other medium

In this presentation from award winning newspaper industry executive Zac Skulander, hear detailed case studies of successful and innovative print advertising campaigns.

Skulander, former winner of the PANPA Hegarty Award for young newspaper executive of the year, will share the strategy behind some of News Corp’s most interesting client campaigns.

As well as sharing the work, Skulander will offer advice on how to get clients across the line on big ticket campaigns and how to work internally to deliver winning responses to briefs.

Monetisation Strategies: Engaging Audiences, While Increasing Content Monetisation

With 10 million+ online publications including blogs and corporate spin sites competing for space, how do you keep your audience engaged long enough to monetize your content? The challenges content creators face are complex, but through effective application tools, success can be had! Learn from Google on how best to monetise your content, keep your audience happy, and stay relevant with the ever-changing tech landscape.


Keynote: The I Quit Sugar Empire: How journalist Sarah Wilson turned a health trend into a publishing phenomenon, and a blog into a brand

Five years ago, freelance journalist Sarah Wilson experimented with quitting sugar for her column in Fairfax Media’s Sunday Life.

Since then, the former Cosmopolitan editor has seen I Quit Sugar become a publishing brand in its own right with a website, series of best-selling books, ebooks and a health program completed by more than a million people.

In this inspiring on-stage interview, Wilson will share what she has learned about the modern publishing world, building her own brand, content marketing and monetising content.


5:30PM - 6:30PM